James Phelps,
Wealth Expert

Are you frustrated with the money you’re making?

How To Make $14,000.00 A Month
From Home ...
In Your Spare Time – Guaranteed!


How I Went From A Bus Driver Living Paycheck To Paycheck To Making $187,000.00 This Year From This Secret ...

"I was working as a city bus driver in New York where I put in about 40 hours a week.  With the city’s crazy traffic, it was very stressful.  I also had a part-time business of home repairs I was doing on the side.

But even working these two jobs,  I was barely getting by.  I was living paycheck to paycheck.  I was frustrated.  I was sick and tired of it.  I was either going to escape the rat race … or go nuts!

Then, I got injured in a car accident.  In a strange twist of fate, while in the hospital,  I got this plan from my old “roommate” and my life changed instantly.  I made an income over $187,000.00 last year and this is ‘brain-dead’ easy to do.”


Tuesday, 1:37 P.M.
New York, NY

Dear Fed-Up Worker, 

            Are you sick and tired of working so hard, but not making big money? 

            Are you fed up with money-making plans that don’t work for you?  Are you stuck in a rut?  Are you ready for a change? 

            I know exactly how frustrated you feel, because not long ago I was in your shoes.  The disappointment just wears you out, doesn’t it?

            Well, I have great news for you.  I am going to prove … beyond any reasonable doubt … you will soon be making up to $14,000.00 - $16,000.00 net income each month from the comfort of your own home or apartment!

            In fact, I guarantee you will be making this much money soon!  Hello, my name is James Phelps and …

“You Have NEVER Seen ANYTHING Like This Before!”

            This is NOT the “usual” business that is difficult, overcrowded or has other drawbacks to it like gambling, mail order, internet marketing, real estate, circular mailing, multi-level, envelope stuffing or home assembly. 

            This is a money-maker you have NEVER seen before.  Because it is SO UNIQUE, there is no or virtually no competition!  This means you make all the money!   The demand for what you will have will be so overwhelming that …

“People Stand In Line And BEG You To Take Their Money!”

             And it gets even better!

             You need NO money to start, NO previous experience, NO special skills, NO higher or special education, NO contacts, NO need to quit your job at first, NO loans, NO credit or credit score, NO computer, NO internet connection! 

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"You Will Be Making Up To $14,000.00 - $16,000.00 Every Month Easily …
Without Every Leaving Your Home!"

            This is a proven-to-work quick and easy way to make gobs of money from home … and I’m talking as soon as NEXT WEEK!

            This plan is so unique and amazing.  It can work for everyone who uses it, anywhere, anytime.  It makes big money and it is virtually FAIL-PROOF!

            And, the real beauty is, I think you will love what you do because it is fun, exciting and you will actually be helping so many people with their life!

  • Now you will have the time freedom to work whenever YOU want to!
  • Take off whenever you want!
  • Go on vacation when you feel like it!
  • No more pre-set hours! 
  • No more taking orders from anybody!
  • No more doing things you don’t want to!
  • No more low wages!
  • No more jerks to deal with!
  • No more getting up early!
  • And no more worrying about losing your job!


            No more “I can’t afford it”.  No more just wishing for the car you want and the home you want –
you can have the cash to buy your dreams things soon!

            Sound good to you?  Think about it … you’ll never make big money until you have your own money-making operation and this is the best one I’ve ever seen after sending away for dozens of them over the past 20 years! 

            It doesn’t get any better than this! 

  • NO MLM or network marketing!
  • NO affiliate programs, Google schemes, Ebay, chain letters, website or online marketing!
  • NO gambling, porn, or anything you won’t be totally proud of!
  • NO money required to start and run it – or just $100 if you want to be a big spender.
  • NO office to rent – runs anywhere, anytime, makes you money 24/7!
  • NO inventory to stock.
  • NO worrying about the economy – works great in ANY economy!
  • NO experience or special skills required.
  • NO employees to deal with!


            That’s right.  The economy is still sinking.  Jobs are being lost.  Social Security will not pay us much.  Taxes and other costs keep going up. 

If you just sit there and “take it”,  your lifestyle, your retirement, even your children’s future will get worse and worse very year.

“Your Problems Must Be Stopped Now!”

Living like you are can be a roadmap to disease, divorce, depression, fatigue and  burnout.   If not of your body, then at least of your soul.

  • Sick of having money worries and anxiety
  • Afraid of not being able to pay the bills – and the terrible things that could happen
  • Afraid of feeling like a failure to other people
  • Frazzled by bill collectors calling you
  • Sick of working so hard for a living
  • Sick of taking orders from some people
  • Worried about money all the time
  • Sick of hearing what other people buy or do – but you can’t afford
  • Hard to get motivated for work that doesn’t pay you enough
  • Down from not getting enough respect
  • Sick of anxiety from thinking about trying to save money
  • Worried you’ll run out of money in retirement – and have to live like a poor person
  • Sick of feeling low energy
  • Angry you were not born into money, connections or education
  • Embarrassed how little money you make or have saved
  • Confused by all the different business opportunities
  • Mad at plans that didn’t work, or didn’t even sound good when you received them

That’s why this letter is AN URGENT WAKE-UP CALL FOR YOU!

            If you keep doing what you are doing now, you will keep getting the same results, and your income and life will continue to worsen in my opinion.  (If you are waiting for politicians to help you, forget about it.)

            That's why it's so urgent that you act now without delay. I'll give you the turn-key opportunity you need to leave your financial problems behind and start enjoying your life, with plenty of free time to also enjoy your family and friends!  Now you can break free and have the life of your dreams!  With a new richer lifestyle, with plenty of income and time to spare!      

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“You Will Enjoy A New Sense of Excitement, Happiness, Self-Esteem, Pride, and Admiration From Other People!”

There’s more to life than just making money.

You can soon be making a lot more money.  And when you are, you’ll join the people who tell me about the big boost in their self-confidence, admiration from others, pride, control, less stress, less anxiety and just plain FUN from their life again!

Important Questions and Answers Before You Buy

Why shouldn’t I just start my own business without you?  For many reasons.  First, I’ve tried them all and I’ll give you the best one.  Second … mistakes are costly … and I’ve made them all so you won’t.  All you have to do is copy my easy step-by-step success!

Will I have to buy anything else from you or anyone else?  Absolutely NOT!  This is NOT one of those rip-offs where you have to spend more money to get started.  You need nothing else!

How Many Hours Will It Take?  You can start with as little as 2  hours a week like I did.  As your income grows, you’ll happily spend more time on it, but you’ll NEVER have to work “full time”!

“I’ll refund DOUBLE your money back!”

            Your guaranteed financial success is one step away...

            I’ll let you prove to yourself how much money you can make, so fast, so easy, with absolutely no risk or obligation of any kind.   You have an iron-clad money-back guarantee – first, you can get a full immediate refund of your fee!  This gives you a risk-free look (and tryout) of my formula. 

But wait … my guarantee gets even better!

Go ahead and use my formula for one full year at no risk either!  That’s right.  Put it to the test.  If you are not 100% thrilled with the money you make at that time, just send me proof of what you did and I’ll refund DOUBLE your money back!

Nothing could be more fair!  Do you have the courage to take a risk-free look?

Yours For $14,000 A Month,

James Phelps

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If You’re Still Uncertain About Trying My New Formula
Risk-Free ... Please Read This Incredible Letter From
A Guy Whose Life Was Turned Around For Good!

From The Home Office Of ...  James Phelps

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“I’ll Lead You By The Hand Step-By-Step To Making Up To $14,000.00 - $16,000.00 A Month ‘Cause I Promised My Dear Mom I Would!”

            My dear Mother always said to give back to people that need help if you are successful.  Mom … now, finally, I’m doing it!   And I’ve made this dead-easy for anyone to read, understand and follow.

            This is a great way to make money because other people gladly do the work for you!  And you are taking advantage of three very powerful and fast-growing trends!

            In fact, don’t be surprised if you have too much business right away and have to turn away business (and money)!

            When I started, after just two days it was WHAM! … the money started pouring in so fast I couldn’t believe it was true at first!  When I added it up, I had made $16,423.00 in that one month alone!

            Please Listen closely.  This IS the real deal!  This is your “big break”.  Right here.  Right now.  Will you accept it at no risk? 

“You Can Soon Have Personal Freedom … Money To Burn … And No More Boss!”

            When I was a bus driver, I hated working for someone else.  I felt miserable on almost every day … like a prisoner, chained to my job as if I were a Slave.

            You probably have these same feelings.  Now you can break-free and enjoy the type of life you really want and that you deserve!  This will make you set for life.  It can make you financially free for life!  I’ve done it.  Now you will too!

            I won’t let you fail!  End Your Money Problems For Good This EASY WAY!  ANYONE Can Do It!

            I’m giving you this proven, guaranteed plan to make more money than you ever imagined.  It works.  It’s simple.  It’s easy.  And I’ll help you anyway I can.  You need no money to start.  You risk nothing.

            What more could you ask for?

            It’s so simple.  I never went to college, barely got through grade school.  And I started with NO MONEY, in fact, I was $3,674.00 in debt!

            Now you can just copy my success from the comfort of your home and at no risk!  You don’t need any skills, experience, education or money to do this!

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“Imagine You Are Soon Making $14,000.00 - $16,000.00 (or More) A Month …
Every Single Month! … Starting Right Away!”

**  No more financial worries or money stress for you  … ever again!
**  Do what you love to do  – not what you have to do!
**  Buy all those expensive luxuries you want – homes, cars, trips, clothes, etc!
**  Live the dream lifestyle you want because you call all the shots!
**  Have no more debts!
**  Have the time and money to make the world a better place!

Now do you see why I’m so excited?  I can’t help it!  This is like the key to the mint!  Why keep struggling when you don’t have to anymore?

“OK … I admit it.  There is one “catch” …”

            It’s not a perfect world, so you know there’s a “catch” to my offer.  The “catch” is this is NOT a get-rich-quick-scheme.  It would be great if you could just say 10 magic words, do nothing … and have the money pour in.  But there is no such thing.  Anyone who tells you there is – is full of you know what.

            So if you are looking for a quick buck without doing anything, or a scam of any kind, then please throw this letter away now.

            I must warn you.  I am looking for a small number of people to share my plan with.  That’s it.  Once I reach that number, I will stop offering this plan without notice.  The market is huge and growing daily, so selling this won’t hurt my income at all if I limit the number I sell.

            Another reason I’m offering this:   is it very rewarding to know I’ve helped someone else get rich.  So I ask that you write me and let me know about your success.

            And remember:  I’m sending you this at MY RISK, NOT yours. 

Yours For $14,000 A Month,

James Phelps

P.S.  This money-making sledgehammer is the best 100% guaranteed way to get rich in your own business!  It must be the ideal way to make big money that you have been waiting for all your life … or I’ll send DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK after one full year!  This can even be a tax-deductible expense against your first income!  Do you have the courage to take a risk-free look at this?  Final Note: You can laugh at money worries if you follow my proven, “brain-dead easy” simple plan! Want more money?  Don’t put this off and make the most expensive mistake of your life!

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